Glastonbury: Sir David Attenborough hails plastic ban

Sir David Attenborough has taken to the stage at Glastonbury to thank festival-goers for cutting their plastic use. The naturalist appeared shortly before Kylie Minogue’s set, and previewed some of his new TV series Seven Worlds, One Planet, which is due to air on BBC One later this year. Thousands of people had gathered for […]

Revealed: The secret life of the spittlebug

Citizen scientists have provided a wealth of new data on a curious insect that makes blobs of spittle on plants. More than 11,000 sightings of the spittlebug, or froghopper, have been recorded across the UK, with the south of England proving a stronghold. The information will be used to prepare for the threat of the […]

UN climate talks: Delegates back IPCC report without targets

UN delegates in climate talks have agreed a “compromise” on how to include a key scientific report after two weeks of talks in Bonn, Germany. Negotiators decided the report represented the “best available science”. But they have not included any targets on emissions researchers said were vital to keep temperatures in check. Some smaller island […]

Attempts to ‘erase the science’ at UN climate talks

Oil producing countries are trying to “erase the science” on keeping the world’s temperatures below 1.5C, say some delegates at UN talks in Bonn. The chair of the Alliance of Small Island States said Saudi Arabia and others were trying to pretend a key scientific report didn’t exist. Small island states believe keeping temperatures below […]

Tory hopefuls told not to squander UK science progress

The Conservative leadership candidates have been urged to make a pledge to put scientific research at the heart of their economic policy. Scientific bodies have called on Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson to set out their long-term plans for research. They want them to commit to ensuring that the UK remains a world leader in […]

Bats benefit from protected farmland hedgerows

Leaving hedgerows untouched can offer an important lifeline for night-time biodiversity, such as bats. A study says schemes designed to make farming more wildlife-friendly often failed to offer any real benefits. Populations of insect-eating bats crashed throughout western Europe during the late 20th Century. The authors hope the findings will highlight how European environmental-friendly farming […]

Nasa puts up deep-space atomic clock

Nasa has put a miniaturised atomic clock in orbit that it believes can revolutionise deep-space navigation. About the size of a toaster, the device is said to have 50 times the stability of existing space clocks, such as those flown in GPS satellites. If the technology proves itself over the next year, Nasa will install […]

‘Jet in a box’ powers remote Halley Antarctic base

Media playback is unsupported on your device The UK has managed to get one of its major Antarctic bases operating in an automatic mode for the first time. Halley base, on the Brunt Ice Shelf, is remotely running experiments that include the monitoring of the ozone layer and of “space weather”. The station would normally […]